ACG – The Practice

As part of our continuing journey towards becoming a fully “Cloud Based Practice” we continue to invest in new software, other new resources and change our processes, all with one aim…….. to improve the experience for you, the client, while keeping friendlyprofessional and approachable feel. We never stand still………

 “We are a Work-in-Progress”.



Here at ACG we provide a comprehensive accountancy and financial management service to small businesses, sole traders and individuals covering the local area of Blairgowrie, Perthshire and Angus

Between us we have more than 30 years experience. We know what it is like when it comes to asking questions about your business finances. Nothing is “silly” and chances are we have heard it before. Ask away.

We’ll ensure your business accounts are fully compliant, up-to-date and accurate so you’ll avoid any nasty surprises. At ACG, the team can prepare end of year financial accounting statements for all types of businesses (sole traders, partnerships or companies).

Our business experience and expertise gained working in high level finance positions means we can provide real value to assist business owners with budgeting, cash flow, reporting, bench marking, strategic planning and succession planning, among others.


Bookkeeping is a key part of every business but it can often take a lot of time away from working on your business. Maintaining accurate books and financial records is critical to business success, so it’s best to leave it to the experts.

We can take care of your bookkeeping for you, allowing you to get back to running your business. Our bookkeeping service includes reconciliations, accounts payable and accounts receivable management, reporting, budgeting, inventory advice, financial analysis, cashflow forecasting and detailed advice on how to streamline business processes.

Cloud bookkeeping software means you don’t have to worry about piles of paperwork you don’t understand or receipts that are stressing you out. We’ll get you up and running with QuickBooks in no time so you can get an accurate picture of your business sales, profits and cash flow position.


Compliance is just one part of what we do at ACG. We make sure your accounts are completeaccurate and meet strictgovernment requirements.

VAT compliance is not always an easy process. Compliance requirements, regularly changing regulations and HMRC demands often cause business owners a lot of stress. At team ACG, we stay on top of all these changes and we’ll make sure you’re aware of any issue that impacts you. We’ll ensure you meet government requirements and avoid over-payments.

Our VAT service includes VAT registration assistance, advice on VAT planning and administration, advice on the most appropriate scheme, VAT management and reconciliation, assistance with VAT returns, ongoing planning to eliminate problems in the future, negotiating with HMRC if needed.

Corporation Tax

We understand the ups and downs of running a business and we’re also up to date on the latest reporting obligations and penalties for non-compliance. This puts us in the perfect position to assist business owners with the preparation of corporation tax returns. We’ll prepare them accuratelycompletely, and efficiently and also analyse your tax liability.

You don’t want to risk the harsh penalties handed down for failing to comply with strict government requirements.

Payroll Solutions

Taxes, payroll laws, legal obligations…it’s enough to make anyone stressed. But at ACG, we’ve got it covered.

Making a mistake with your payroll processing is likely to result in a hefty fine and leave a bad impression on your employees. It’s not worth the risk – leave it to the experts at Team ACG.

We can handle all aspects of your payroll including processing, employee payslips, leave management, time-off accrual and tracking (annual, personal or long service), reporting, compliance and ongoing advice.

Advisory Services

Our advisory services are designed so that we work along side you, advisingmonitoring and helping you grow your business, helping you monitor the key performance factors that are important to you to help you get your business reaching it’s full potential, so you can achieve your personal and business goals.

Basic advisory services range from simple alerts to basic business dashboards measuring graphically the key factors that are important to YOU and YOUR goals.

More detailed services are available from management accounts, budget versus actual reports and cash flow forecasting, again helping YOU see where your business is actually going and the effect your decisions will have on your cash flow and ultimately your personal goals.

Tax Diagnostics

Without Tax Diagnostic Software, your accountant cannot make you as tax efficient as possible…..

We can.

Tax is complex. You may or may not know it, but the UK tax code is the longest in the world. Hidden amongst the ever-growing 11,520-page sea of legislation, there are advisory needs, saving opportunities and available reliefs – all created to encourage you and your business.

At ACG Accounting Services, we have invested in technology that makes it simple enough for you to make the most of a complicated situation…

A good accountant will use their expertise to focus on structuring your current affairs to ensure you are tax efficient today, and in the future. Unfortunately, this usually happens in the background and with limited expertise. Furthermore, this happens without much involvement from the most important influence – you.

That is why we have invested in tax diagnostic software.

What is Tax Diagnostic Software?

It is a tool that has never before been available. It’s only utilised by the most proactive of accountants. Those who are at the forefront of the industry know that expertise is never going to be maximised without collaborating with AI technology.

A tax review with diagnostic software takes you through a structured yes/no questionnaire format. The questions take around 30minutes to complete. They cover all areas of tax in the background, so that your advisor can focus on your goals and drivers.

We will apply your personal, business and financial situation to all the advisory needs, saving opportunities and tax reliefs available, ensuring that each and every one is identified.

You will be certain that no stone is left unturned, and that every possible opportunity is being considered.